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GpfREXX Professional (includes GpfTools) ESD (digital delivery)

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작성자 한메소포트™ 작성일09-07-14 19:46 조회77,004회 댓글0건


GUI 프로그래밍 능력을 가진 Presentation Manager 프로그램.

Digital Delivery로, 구매시 환불이 불가함.

 Gpf, the GUI Programming Facility, is a WYSIWYG Graphical User Interface builder for creating Presentation Manager (PM) applications for OS/2. REXX is a high level procedural language, provided with OS/2, that uses English-like commands to implement custom program logic. GpfRexx combines the easy to learn and use REXX language, with the ease of a What you See Is What You Get visual programming environment to greatly simplify PM programming. With Gpf, the designer simply paints the PM screens as they ought to appear and Gpf takes care of the rest, yet Gpf is much more than a simple screen painter or Dialogue Editor.
With Gpf, as windows, dialogues, and PM controls are created, the design hierarchy is defined. Navigation code, custom logic and context sensitive help are created and linked to objects as they are designed. From this point and click design environment, a new PM application or utility can be completed in a fraction of the time required using conventional design techniques.


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